September 06

High Sobriety by Jill Stark

This tale is designed to stir, not shake…’s a window into the world of our Aussie drinking culture told by Jill Stark who was, by day, a newspaper journalist who wrote about the demons of alcohol and at night and weekends, wrote herself totally off.

And man, this chick can drink…..or could……until she gave it up for 12 months and wrote in great detail about it in this book.

There are A LOT of  booze related facts, trends and statistics  in here so the potential is for a book which is a little hard to swallow because it is a little flat.  But mixed into these facts, like the perfect Tom Collins, is Jill’s deeply personal story which is at times shocking, sad,  hugely funny (laugh out loud kind of funny) resulting ultimately, in an incredibly interesting read.

So while she can drink, boy, she can write too.

High Sobriety is worth putting in your trolley along with that bottle of red for sure.

Chin chin.

And that is my 2 cents worth.