November 03

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

If ever there was a book that needs to be made into film this is it.  I’m picturing an expensive, ensemble cast on location off the Italian coast under the guidance of talented but subtle director with a fantastic sense of humour.

So while the bidding rights for this book are being sorted out, all you need to do is pick up a copy and prepare yourself for a trip back to Hollywood in the 50’s and the romance of the Italian coast.  With Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor at the peak of their powers ruining marriages all over America, this book follows the behind the scenes story of a beautiful American actress who finds herself in Italian costal town of Cinqua Terra under the care of the town’s only male under the age of 30… Pasquale.

Subtle, hilarious, romantic, real – this is a story with no hidden meanings and no challenging themes.  It is simply a tale of love and honour with a touch of celebrity thrown in for good measure.

Beautiful Ruins

Beautiful Ruins