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October 03

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

I always knew it but this book confirmed it. I’ve missed my calling as a top-notch detective because I figured out this who-done-it the moment the culprit appeared. I stuck with it just to cement my suspicions and if I’m completely honest, because I didn’t have a new book to turn to. This thriller might […]

October 01

Once There Were Wolves by Charlotte McConaghy

I tore though this like a wolf rips through its dinner. Quickly and ravenously. This is the best sort of book – the one you can’t wait to get back to every day and let’s face it, they are kind of rare. There are good books yes, nice books sure, and then those books that […]

September 30

The Shut Ins by Katherine Brabon

If there was a book symbolic of these pandemic times Readheads, it is this. The Shut Ins. Right now, I’m coming to you from day 100 (or is it 1,000?) of lockdown. My hair deserves it’s own instragram account it’s that laughable, I’ve officially entered middle-age by buying a chest freezer to save all the […]

September 27

Every Night of The Week by Lucy Tweed

Yep I’m doing it Readheads. A cookbook review so get your stick blenders fired up. This book is a delicious beauty and I’m warning you now – what you’re about to read is part book review, part open love letter to Lucy Tweed. Since getting this in my mailbox, I’ve cooked my way through it […]

September 26

The Ripping Tree by Nikki Gemmell

Happy days Readheads. Nikki and I are friends again. We weren’t for a while after I read I TAKE YOU but we’ve made up over The Ripping Tree. Oh, the relief. What isn’t happy days though, is this book’s storyline. Oooph, it’s tough. Set in the years of Australia’s early settlement, you don’t need to […]

August 12

Redhead By The Side of The Road by Anne Tyler

Sometimes size does matter Readheads. This gem of a book is only 178 pages but it packs a punch. Anne Tyler is the master of minutiae and writes about the most mundane, repetitive aspects of our lives and drizzles them in honey and sunshine. Redhead By the Side of The Road doesn’t disappoint. It delivers […]

August 11

Nothing But Blue Sky by Kathleen MacMahon

I try to resist new books wallpapered with glowing reviews written by people I’ve never heard of. I’ve been burnt badly by this promotional hi-jinx so I judge these review-laden titles with skeptical side-eyes and immediately get a whiff of impending disappointment and regret. Not this time. I am happy (and damn relieved) to report […]

August 06

Animal by Lisa Taddeo

When I finished reading Animal I felt like I had been mauled by a dog. Not that I have ever been mauled by a dog mind you, so don’t know for sure, but I imagine you feel pretty shaken, raw, roughed up. Not quite yourself. Bits of you hanging off. That was me. If you […]

June 28

Olga by Bernhard Schlink

Well look at me go Readheads – two reviews in two days after weeks of silence. When it rains reviews Readheads, it pours. So let’s chat about Olga and let’s talk about Bernhard Schlink. I always love a bit of Bernhard and I had to go back to my 2017 review of his last book […]

June 28

Empire of Wild by Cherrie Dimaline

I have done A LOT of reading lately Readheads (and now we are back in lockdown, I suspect there’ll be even more. Oh praise be). Some I’ll blog about, some I won’t and not because I don’t like them. Simply they were either older books that tickled my fancy, or a memoir, and while they […]