September 27

Every Night of The Week by Lucy Tweed

Yep I’m doing it Readheads. A cookbook review so get your stick blenders fired up.

This book is a delicious beauty and I’m warning you now – what you’re about to read is part book review, part open love letter to Lucy Tweed.

Since getting this in my mailbox, I’ve cooked my way through it as well as Lucy’s insta-feed @Everynightoftheweek and I’ve been happy as a lockdown-clam doing it.

But like any new infatuation, there’s been some heartache. I’ve had to break up with some of my favourites – Ottolenghi, Athena Calderone, boys at The Blue Ducks, Jamie just to name a few. I truly love them all, I do, and always will. What we had together was beautiful, so saucy and tasty but sorry, there’s a new gal in town.

Bye bye.

So, already you know I love to read, but I also really, really love to cook. What’s for dinner is literally my first waking thought. I’m not bad in the kitchen but since Lucy swept into my life, these culinary skills of mine have gone up a notch and so has my thrill of rattling the pots and pans. For the love of linguine, I’m a born-again amateur chef.

This woman speaks my love language…. slurp, slick, drizzle, slap, squeeze, slurry. I understand exactly what she means and look, if you don’t fancy cooking (yet), buy the book because you’ll love the way she talks about it. Pour that martini and just read…you’ll learn alot and you’ll chortle and giggle and sorry but you may end up snorting the martini through your nose. You’ve been warned. She’s funny.

The recipes are super duper E A S Y and they pack the proverbial flavour punch. They’re designed to take the pain out of cooking every night of the week so there’s the gold medal right there because boy oh boy, these days in lockdown are LONG! Together Lucy and I have created some winners: the G-Rated Red Chicken Curry, Dan Dan Pan, Tartare Fish Pie, the Chicken Cauliflower Congee, Fridge-Giver San Chow Bow , Yoghurt Flatty Dough bread (life-saver!), Super Green Pie, spectacular roasts (the chicken and leek number is now my go-to) and Big Meatballs. Oh the meatballs – cook them and you’ll hear angels singing I swear…or at the very least you’ll hear applause from the family.

Last night was the Bearnaise sauce with steak (baked first then seared – trust me, this technique is a revelation!) and crispy as all get-out baked potatoes and sweet baby cheeses, we went wild for it. If my kitchen was a restaurant, I’m clocking it at five stars baby.

So not a conventional post I know Readheads but this book is worth the luscious hype and you need it on your kitchen bench at the ready STAT. I’m a super sharer of things I love generally and this book truly has made lockdown in greater Sydney so much sweeter and quite frankly a little exciting – apart from the stretchy pants I’m now forced into wearing.

And Yatam, I’m sorry. No, no, you did nothing wrong, I swear. It really isn’t you. It’s me…and Lucy. XO

But that is just my two cents worth