January 01

Holiday Reads by Ms K

Happy New Year Readheads.  Phew we made it. There is so much going on in our news right now I feel like it’s the only thing I’m reading – and I am, quite frankly, exhausted.

Fortunately, in between being glued to bushfire updates and other shockers,  I’ve forced myself to retreat to quiet corners and have – whoop whoop – finished a few great books I think you might like to dive into during January.

Let’s chat about them in no particular order….

If you, like me, have ever wondered what it takes to become the US Ambassador to the United Nations, you need to read The Education of An Idealist by Samantha Power.  Not only is this a fascinating story about exactly what it does take (spoiler alert A.L.O.T and then some), it is a wonderful, at times heart-aching, retelling of how every day of her life carried her to the role. It is so beautifully and so powerfully written you will simply fall under the spell of this super human-rights activist. Well that’s what happened for me.

I had always been strangely curious about Samantha Power.  There was something about her steely determination and authenticity that struck me while I watched her in Ambassadorial action.  In part I bought The Education of an Idealist to simply own it – to maybe read it throughout the year slowly, one chapter or even one page at a time, while I tackled other books.

Strange thing happened though. When I opened it, I just couldn’t put it down and Samantha Power has cemented her place in my ‘perfect dinner party’, the one where your heroes join you for a meal and for me, the one where Barack Obama serves our food (it’s a very packed table folks so I had to squeeze him in somehow and upshot is he is friends with Samantha).  She also ended up being the perfect gift for a few of my fellow book-addicted friends so hoorah to that.

You may remember how much I loved and adored An American Marriage by Tayari Jones – well, joy oh joy, the reading angels delivered with her new release Silver Sparrow.  Good lord this woman can write!  I am besotted and, as a result, finished it in record speed.  This one is about two families – two sisters in fact – however one sister does not know the other exists.  James Witherspoon takes two wives, has two daughters and two lives.  One family knows of the other, the other knows nothing…

…until one day…..

and the rest you will need to find out for yourselves because it is absolutely, without question a ripper of a tale and so worthy of your time Readheads.

Not Bad People by Brandy Scott is a goodie. This is the sort of book you need on holidays – intriguing, a clever page-turner with great characters and it pairs perfectly with any cocktail on the menu when reading poolside.  It’s one of those books – the one you definitely won’t  want to put down and you’ll be so into the story you will actually finish it making you feel rather good about yourself.

The story starts on New Year’s Eve – perfectly timed for today’s post – and sees three best friends celebrating together  – toasting to the future and letting off lanterns to send their hopeful new year wishes into the sky.  The innocent act of releasing the lanterns skyward unwittingly sets off a path of destruction and deceit that threatens everything they hold dear.  Something dreadful happens and the question of was it their fault or not starts to poison each of them. Slowly, the friendships unravel and the full story of that New Year’s Eve remains shrouded in mystery right till the end – therefore making this story a fabulous holiday read that will keep you guessing and turning pages frantically right up to the very last line.

And so, from me,  thank you all for another fabulous year at Readhead.

I am chomping at the bit to see what the fabulous Ms A has coming up next (I have now forgiven her for getting in first with Charlotte Wood’s latest #firstworldbloggerproblems) and  I cannot wait to see what books 2020 has in store for us all.

My bedside is piled high with new and fabulous reads (a few come courtesy of Harper Collins so THANK YOU!) and as soon as I hit POST on this, my ( drumroll please ) 102nd review, I shall be scooping one up and that is my New Year’s night perfectly done and dusted.

Yours in books and 2 cents, Ms Kx