January 07

The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah Krasnostein

I have always had a secret fascination about those folk who enter murder scenes to clean them up.  Hells bells, I couldn’t do it but there is something so ghoulishly intriguing about it, don’t you think?  If you, like me, have  a hidden penchant for such things, well dearest Readheads, this book is for you.

And it is not just murder and death scenes, there are the homes where hoarders dwell which need to be cleared – either by demand of the local Council or family members fearing for their loved ones.  So hold on to your garbage bags because some of the descriptions of these homes are intense and you truly feel for those living amongst the decaying weight of their stuff.  It is one of the times I was thrilled there was no scratch and sniff disc on the cover of the book.

So all of these cleaning vignettes alone would have  made this book a fabulous read for me.  However what made it a truly great, but be warned – utterly heartbreaking book, was the true story of the woman nicknamed the Trauma Cleaner, Sandra Pankhurst.

Before becoming a trauma cleaner, Sandra was a husband and father, drag queen, sex reassignment patient. sex worker, businesswoman and trophy wife….her story is like nothing I have ever read before.  It is full of pain, passion, loneliness, deep love but most of all, incredible courage.

It is beautiful.

She is beautiful.

She deserves your attention, so please read this one….

Sarah Krasnostein has knocked this book out of the park.  It is a compassionate and heartfelt story about a real lioness.  The actual depiction of the cleaning scenarios is just the icing on the cake.

And that is just my two cents worth.