Hot Milk by Deborah Levy

Long listed for the Man Booker Prize 2016, many in the know predicted this book would win. But it wasn’t Deborah’s year again (she has been nominated twice) so perhaps she is indeed sipping on hot milk rather than champagne.

I read this one a little while ago, drawn more to the lovely cover than the Man Booker Prize nomination in all honesty. And having finished it a little while ago and no review till now, you may suspect that reviewing it has been tricky.

One reason is I finished it off the back of some pretty fabulous reads and that really can impact on how you get on with your next book.   So long story short, this one wasn’t so much hot, as luke warm for me…

Sofia is an anthropology student who has settled uncomfortably into an uninspiring life working in a London cafe. She has travelled to Andalusia in Spain with her hypochondriac mother where they are seeking a medical miracle for her mother’s strange and unexplained medical complaints – headlined by an inability to walk from time to time.

Oddly enough however, she is able to walk all over Sofia.

As the story progresses, Sofia finds herself at the centre of a strange, new, exotic world. Desperate to shed her old life and the pressure of her mother, Sofia breaks free to explore whatever, and whoever, she can. She becomes the bolder version of herself, falls in love, experiments sexually, tracks down her absent father and starts to remove her shackles.  I’ll admit, it is rather lovely to follow it all….

And so, while I liked this book. I just didn’t love it – I wish I did. But should you read it ? Yes. Being shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize means it is definitely worth a read.

It’s just for me, my experience was a little like the title.  Hot Milk is great to drink from time to time but generally only when I want to fall asleep.

But that is just my two cents worth…..