August 21

Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

I absolutely fell in love with this book’s beautiful cover before realising it was by Anne Tyler, an author I love.   Woop Woop.  Baby, you are coming home with me…..

Well, thank goodness I loved the cover Readheads, because – and I’m heartbroken to say it – the cover is the only thing I liked about this damn book in the end.  If you like light and sort-of-fluffy it might be just up your alley and yes, I like light and fluffy too from time to time –  just not 233 pages and $23.00 worth of it.

I almost feel bad writing this, scared even. Who rubbishes Anne Tyler?  What fool is brave enough?

Alas, I am left with no alternative though. This book to me is just a big fat waste of time. But I’d best tell you a little bit about it so this review isn’t.

Vinegar Girl is a re-telling of Shakespeare’s Taming of The Shrew.  It’s not a new idea  – think ‘Kiss me Kate’ and ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’.   Kate Battista is nearing her 30s, lives at home with her younger sister Bunny and scientist father Dr Battista.   Dad is on the verge of a huge scientific breakthrough but there is a glitch.  His brilliant lab assistant Pyotr is about to be deported and without him, the project is about to take a nose dive.    Dad therefore hatches a plan to marry off his daughter to his young ingenue.  Daughter married.  Lab Assistant secured.  Poifect.

Kate is painted on the inside cover as an individual, off beat and funny gal.  Huh?  On what page?  I just didn’t see it.  Kate ends up marrying Pyotr – why?  Kate ends up staying married to Pyotr – how?

Oh, come on.

Maybe Anne was bored when she wrote this.  Or she wrote it for her 15 year old niece to explain The Taming of The Shrew, I don’t know.  It took me about 3 hours to finish it and I will never get those hours back.  It left me feeling like I had drunk a dose of vinegar – and certainly this review is full of it – so perhaps, at least, that is the title explained….

But hey, this is only my 2 cents worth.