March 15

The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida

Like a pig that can sniff out a truffle, I reckon we, Ms A and Ms K, can sniff out a book that is ripe to be made into a movie.  Big call I know but we do have a track record, Readheads. Lots of those book-to-movie titles that pop up at your local Hoyts, yep, we sniffed those good books out first.   If only we had the brains and the fortunes to turn them into movies ourselves, now THAT would be something.

But I digress.

The reason for my sudden realisation that we are indeed Movie Title Whisperers is my latest read.  Right at this moment, I don’t actually know if it is going to be made into a movie or not, but I will bet my 2 cents worth on The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty being made into one.

This book is a beauty.  It is a romp – light on its feet, fun, clever, sad, tender and endearing.  Long story short, it’s simply a joy to read – or inhale as I did.  It was given to me by my cousin who adored it and when I saw Lena Dunham (be still my beating heart) had reviewed it, and loved it, well my doors were locked, phone went on silent and in I dived.

Look, I am not going to tell you this is a challenging read like, say,  Kate Atkinson (yes, I am getting through her latest ‘A God in Ruins’ so that review will come after I drink a bottle of scotch) but it is delightful.

And you know what, I like delightful.

Our heroine runs away to Casablanca to lose herself for a while.  Instead she loses her backpack with every important thing in it, her passport and all her money.   Stripped bare she becomes strangely liberated (after the initial immobilising fear and nausea caused by losing everything) and she steps into a series of mis-adventures where she sheds her old self by becoming someone new.  And not just once.  Why she does it becomes obvious near the end of the book and when all the pieces come together, your heart bursts for her.

Vendela Vida is a new author for me but she boasts a healthy list of Awards and was a fellow at Sundance Labs where she developed her work into a script  which received the Sundance Institute /Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award.   So, my instincts about this story could well be bang on so, if in the future, you find yourself at the movies watching a tale similar to the one I describe above, well, just saying……

And that is my 2 cents worth.