September 14

The Dress by Megan Hess

I can’t believe I have not shared this book before now because I quite simply adore this one! Perhaps I was so intoxicated by the beauty in these pages that I lost the proverbial book reviewer’s plot!  Who knows, but upon hearing Megan’s newest book about Coco Chanel is about to hit the shelves, I  raced to the computer to share details about this one.

My dear Readheads, this one is a beauty (literally and figuratively).  For lovers of art, fashion, culture and beauty I introduce to you The Dress – 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion.  It is, quite simply, a fashionista’s and history lover’s feast.

The Dress – 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion is a collection of superb drawings by super talented Megan Hess who draws and chats about (spoiler alert) – dresses!  Not just any old dresses mind you.  Iconic ones and she draws them on the icons who famously wore them.  Every page is dedicated to a single dress, perfectly drawn and each has it’s own little story.   It’s a gorgeous walk down Fashion History Lane. 

I bet if you have a favourite iconic dress, it will be in here.  All my favourites are and if I can’t own one of them, well I figure, at least I can own this book.  I’m happy with that.

And that is my two cents worth.