The Mandarin Code by Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann

Love politics?  Well, step right up folks because this one is for you.

The Mandarin Code is a fast-paced, political thriller that would, in my humble opinion, make a brilliant tele-movie.  Cracking pace, folk you love to hate, and it’s sordid, dirty, and dangerous.

So if these things blow your hair back,  you will definitely love this page turner.

Penned by political journalists Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann, The Mandarin Code uncovers the dark world of global espionage and political bastardry.  They say it is a work of fiction, but I’m not so sure – I reckon there are a few political devils in this book who actually walk the halls of our Parliament House.  Truth is weirder than fiction as the saying goes… pick it up and see if there is anyone you recognise.

It’s not a complicated story but there are ALOT of characters to keep up with yet the weaving together of all their roles, and the intrigue that emerges, is mastered beautifully  by these gifted authors – quite the feat when writing as a duo I think.

Um and as for that political career I have pondered from time to time, well, after reading this, maybe not…….but that is just my two cents worth.