July 29

Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton

This review started out very differently to the one you will read here. The original was light hearted, was girl-crushing on Hillary and talked of my dream dinner party and Hillary agreeing to come.  It was a jolly review.  Yes it a big book but worth the time to read it I wrote.

And then…..

I, like everyone, woke up to the horror of the MH17 plane crash and visions of smouldering death, despair and senseless conflict were everywhere I looked.  My heart broke.  As I struggled to take it all in I could not help but glance at Hillary  again and  right there and then, I felt differently about everything I had read in the 596 pages of this memoir.

Gone was the flippancy  and in its place a far deeper respect  for this woman who lived her time in the trenches of global crisis as Secretary of State.  Good title!  Hard Choices alright and Hillary’s time was chock-a-block with them.

It is so easy to distance yourself from what that job was about and the extaordinary diplomacy and grunt each day demanded and instead view this book as a little window into political celebrity.  Watching the constant media of MH17 was a stark reminder of the realities of war, the escalation of conflicts (and yes,  peace  too) around the world and the human tragedy that was Hillary’s currency much of the time.

So I was humbled and the pages in the book became particularly raw and so very real.

Hillary has always inspired me but never more than now.  If this book is her first public declaration of her intention to run for President again, hoo-bloody-ray!  Not because she is a woman but because she has the grit, grace and guts.

I have never loved her more.

But that is just my two cents worth.