April 15

The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

Jeeze Louise, I still haven’t warmed up after reading this little number. It is ice cold – not the refreshing kind, the evil kind my friends. Nasty.

But I loved it and zoomed through it. It is a dirty, dangerous tale and is therefore, utterly compelling.

This offering is not dissimilar to Gone Girl – the he said, she said, two nuts in one house sorta tale.  The Silent Wife could  so easily fade in comparison to Gone Girl  but it stands well and truly on its own two literary legs.  The thing with Gone Girl is the characters are so bent-out-of-shape, malicious and cunning I think it near to impossible to fully identify with their actions. Here, in this story, I think we (BUT not everyone will agree so pop it on your book club list friends so you can thrash it out) could see ourselves a little in Jodi and Todd, a married couple whose union is in the throes of dissolution.  Sure we might not be the serial cheater  he is and we might not be so totally stitched up and controlled (Capital C sort of controlled!) like Jodi, but we are all  flawed and marriage can be, let’s face it, a little smoke and mirrors at times. So, while not all of us will have the bloody mess they find themselves living,  I think you will identify, to some extent, with the confusion and the ignorance, the veiled angers and attempts at forgiveness and acceptance….you might just not identify with the ah, minor thing of the, um…..


Todd pays for his crimes. You know he is going to be knocked off from the start so the author takes you on a psychological joyride till he pays the ultimate price. The individual voices of the main characters makes for meaty reading indeed as they avoid, deny, hurt and destroy each other and others, but  you can’t help but feel for both of them, just a little, as they well and truly cock things up along the way.

And like any good train-wreck, you want to look away but you simply can’t.

And that is my 2 cents worth.