February 08

The Little Paris Kitchen and Little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

Yes, this is a review of cook books.  I am busting out.

Truth be told, cook books are my favourite books.  I love them. I daydream with them. I cook what’s in them. I shop because of them. I have WAY too many of them but they make me happy. And fat probably too but whatever.

Despite this love, not all my cookbooks are worthy of a Readhead post.  But these are and they are my newest addiction – The Little Paris Kitchen and Little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo.

Who hasn’t dreamt of living in Paris,  cooking gorgeous meals while looking stunning in fabulous, chic getups wearing  to-die-for red lipstick? I dream about this daily from my Katoomba kitchen in my trackie daks and colourless lips (sorry to turn you off your food with THAT image).  Rachel Khoo has it all going on.  She’s gorgeous! There is a tv series based on these books which is definitely worth watching too.

So some culinary tempters for you…..Oysters grilled with parsley crumbs (Huitres grilles en persilleade), Roast red wine chicken (Poulet roti au vin rouge), Burgundy beef with baguette dumplings (Boeuf bouruignon avec des quenelles de baguettes), Parisian Asparagus (Asperges a la parisienne) and of course, Cheese Souffle (Souffle au fromage).  YUM. YUM. YUM. YUM. YUM. YUM. All of them!

And easy. Trust me on this.  I’ve tried these recipes – they are delicious!  I can cook but I am certainly not Julia Childs or Manu Feildel…….I know French food can be scary because it is appears so much more delicate and complicated, but these recipes aren’t that.  Good French food is really simple – butter, cream, add more butter, wine and some other bits, more butter and then delicious white bread to slop it all up. What could be easier than that?

Have a gander at these two books though please….you and your stretchy pants will thank me for it.    And if nothing else, we will probably increase the sale of red lipstick nationally to boot.

And that is my two cents worth…..Bon Appetite!