November 13

Tracks by Robyn Davidson

Ok, first up I apologise for posting about a book published in the early 80s but hear me out.  Firstly Tracks is about to be released as a movie so it has relevance, agree?  And secondly, and most importantly, I never, ever, ever EVER re-read a book.  Except this one.

Tracks was my coming of age book.  I read it during high-school and I have thought about Robyn Davidson and her trek across Australia pretty much every week since.  Yes, that regularly.  Apparently I have talked about her alot over the past 20 or so years my husband tells me.  Didn’t know that but I accept it as the truth.

This story stuck with me.  Robyn Davidson’s story is hardwired into my brain.  I loved it back then and I loved it when I read it again a few weeks ago.  I am nearly beside myself with excitement waiting for the movie.

As young women we find ourselves our own role models and Ms Davidson is (clearly, as if you haven’t guessed by now) mine. I confess, I have zero desire to trek across the highway, let alone the Australian desert with camels and a dream but I love her none-the-less. I love that she did it at a time when, as a woman,  it seemed impossible.  She made me fearless about saying ‘yes’ to things.  I want to be friends with her.  Desperately.

The story, in short is a woman arrives in Alice Springs in the late 70s at 5am one morning with a dog, six dollars and a lunatic idea which she describes as ” basically to get myself the requisite number of wild camels from the bush and train them to carry my gear, then walk into and about the central desert area.”

It takes years, guts, a few ass-holes, nerve and blind faith to start off on her journey but she does it.  And what a ride it is.

So I publish this as a bit of a love-letter to Robyn and a thank you for doing something so brave and for filling me with wonder and awe.  I didn’t have camels, and I didn’t trek a desert but I have made my own Tracks, in part inspired by you.

And that is my 2 cents worth……