June 25

Lola Bensky by Lily Brett

For anyone who loves Lily Brett, I don’t need to tell you ‘read this!’. It is Lily Brett at her neurotic best.

Lily Brett is not easy to capture or describe but she remains my favourite authors.  Of. All. Time. EVER.
Her collection are my most lent books in my library.  I always give them out with a warning ‘ she may just drive you crazy but you won’t be able to put her down’.  My friends – both male and female are bitten with the Lily bug and hence I need to lend out the entire  collection each  go rather than the odd book.  You cannot stop at one. Her characters are re-hashed in each book but their wonderful base-notes are always every present.  Edek her father figure and Renia, her beautiful mum are two of my favourite characters in my literary world, whatever guise they appear.
That old question that folk  always ask about if you could have any 5 people to dinner, well, for me I only know I would want Lily Brett there. She is all I would need. I feel like I could chew the fat with her for hours.
But let’s not mention the word fat and Lily in the same sentence!  More on this later……
So this new offering Lola Bensky is essentially a ‘fictional’ account of Lily’s early life when she was a music journalist living in New York and London. It is a wild ride of sorts, but tamed by Lily’s neurosis. She interviews and takes tea with some our generations most famous folk but in true Lily style, she views each of them with acutely ‘normal’ eyes so we get to see their best and their worst traits.  I’m guessing they are true accounts because she is so raw about some of them – I am thinking her arse would be well and truly sued if she made it up –  especially the stuff about Linda McCartney.
Tim Elliot from The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Ms Brett about this book and said it was in part, a wary Jewish girl locked in trench warfare with her waistline.  For any Lily Brett addicts, this is another continuing theme that will drive you bonkers but you will love her for it too.
And for any of you who may know Cher, can you let her know Lola wants her diamonte lined false eyelashes back.  Now.
And that’s my 2 cents.