Melting Moments by Anna Goldsworthy

Ok Readheads – I’ve just picked your next book.  Put it on your book club list and lend it to your friends and family.  Especially your Mums.  

Melting Moments tells the life story of Ruby Jenkins, but really is a universal study of the changes that take place over the course of life.  

We meet Ruby when she is just 18. It is 1941 and she has just married a soldier she barely knows. Over the next sixty years, she raises two children, makes a home, looks after her ageing parents and does what is expected of her (largely in suburban Adelaide).  When the book ends, she is in her eighties.   

The title Melting Moments has got to be a double reference to the biscuits Ruby bakes but also all the moments of reflection on the ageing process that are universal to all of us, especially women.  Love, pride, joy and then more slowly, the loss of beauty, loss of place and loss of touch.  There is also constant adjustment to social change and conventions and the steady shift from independence to dependence.   

This book is a look at all of the melting moments of life and I loved it.  

I’ve read a few reader reviews and it seems some people were disappointed with how much of Ruby’s story was rushed through.  With respect, I don’t think they are getting it because it is the pacing that makes this novel.  It is like a life in time lapse and few books have so accurately described life’s small but pertinent milestones in such a universal but still personal way.  

Melting Moments was written by Australian author, Anna Goldsworthy and was released in March 2020.  For those that don’t know her, Goldsworthy is also an accomplished musician and music festival director who wrote an award-winning memoir called Piano Lessons in 2009.  I would be very surprised if Melting Moments didn’t pick up a bucket of awards of its own. 

And that is my 2 cents worth.