Severance by Ling Ma

Add this one to your summer reading list please. An irresistible, apocalyptic look at contemporary life that will keep you distracted by the pool for sure.

Candace is a twenty-something single in NYC. She is so swept up in her daily routine of work, email and google that she barely notices a killer virus spreading across the world. The virus is Shen Fever and turns people into zombies that keep repeating the same tasks until they decay. Full marks for irony. I wonder if those reading Severance on their kindles on the way to work will get it?

Somehow, Candace is immune and ends up as the last person to leave her desk and one of the last people to leave the city. She joins a group of survivors which is somehow just as dangerous.

There are a few different story lines and stinging social references going on in this book, but they all come together perfectly at the end.

Severance is an offbeat, page-turning debut novel by American Chinese writer Ling Ma. It’s a brand new release but you won’t find it in the front window….yet.  #shenfever

And that’s my 2 cents worth.