January 20

Fight Like a Girl by Clementine Ford

The world is not equal for women and Clementine Ford is angry. In this hold no punches book, she shares some of her most personal experiences as a girl in this world and how they shaped her views on feminism.

I have the utmost admiration for Ford’s fearless, loud and unapologetic commitment to exposing the brutal realities of gender inequality around the world. As a 21st century warrior she deserves our full support.

But to me (reviewing the book and not the cause) Fight Like a Girl was rough reading. When I say rough; I mean rough in research, rough in language and rough in the way she connected her own experiences with this deeply complex issue.

It started well enough but by about half way, I was loosing patience with the gross generalisations, dramatic overstatements and the recurrent f bombs. By the end, I felt like I was being screamed at by a wound up drunk in a loud night club. I realise that unquestionably beats being groped or insulted by a misogynist man in the same nightclub, but that doesn’t make reading the book any more enjoyable.

The thing is this book is not about enjoyment. It is a chance to read another perspective on an age old argument and I am hardly going to complain about having a book on feminism on the bestseller list in Australia.

And that is my 2 cents worth.