The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

If you are in the mood for a page turner then I have found your next read. Written by Charles Martin (who also wrote Where the River Ends), this is a story of two people left clinging for their lives on a mountain in the middle of winter. Through their struggle for survival they learn about themselves, each other, about love and true partnership.

More Oprah’s Book Club than Booker Prize, I will admit the literary snob in me struggled with a great deal of this book. Don’t get me wrong I am not adverse to a bit of pulp fiction, but I think Martin could have halved the clichés and still had a good read. The heroine is a hot babe, the hero has trouble opening up and the storm is coming in. Miraculously, Martin manages to weave these clichés into a great story that has you guessing to the end.

As soon as I finished my copy, I gave it to a friend who will no doubt recommend it to others in the same way a friend recommended it to me (thank you AA). It is one of those kind of books and so long as you don’t impose it on your husband or your bookclub, you can’t really go wrong.

The big news this week is that the book is about to made into a film starring none other than the Gone Girl of the moment, Rosamund Pike so expect a surge in sales as the release date approaches. In fact I can see it on all of those airport book stands already…it is just a shame it kind of involves a plane crash*.

*I promise I haven’t given anything away with that – it’s written on the back of the book.