October 12

The Girl with the Dogs by Anna Funder

If you are in the mood for quality but not quantity, this novella is for you. It is Anna Funder’s latest offering and it runs for just 57 pages. Penguin has published what is essentially a longer short-story (and you know how I feel about those if you have been following Readhead at all!) but has wrapped it in it’s own wee book. I love it!

This story explores the siren call of the past. Tess exists in a marriage that many would call successful. And she would too. But there is a hankering in her about what would life be like if she had made a different choice? This book explores those brief moments of choice and the lifelong consequences that come with them.

Tess decides to test those mirky waters in her mind. No prizes for guessing there is fallout, but what I loved about this story was the exploration of forgiveness and those weird, wonderful things that exist within long term relationships.

‘To live with someone for a long time requires an element of fiction – the selective use of facts to craft an ongoing story’, she writes. It’s so true.

The writing is wonderful, the story is familiar – despite how happily married you are – and it was just great to have some of Anna’s beautiful thoughts mulling about with my own everyday ones for a while.

Pick this treasure up. Buy a few in fact, pop them in your Christmas stockings for friends. This one is a winner all-round.

But that is just my 2 cents worth.