June 23

The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman

I desperately want to meet this author.  I think I would really like him.  I also think it would help me understand what the hell he was thinking when he wrote the Imperfectionists.  Maybe he was having a bad time at work and just imagining what all of his journalist colleagues were getting up to at home on the weekends or behind closed doors?   In this book, all of their dirty little secrets, failed ambitious, lost pride, humiliation and loss are thrown out for individual examination under the premise of a failing English newspaper based in Rome.

This book came to me through the mail from a friend with a tiny little post it note saying “you will love it”.  It was well thumbed and I know for a fact this friend had lent it out to many others before me  – no doubt with the same message.  So when she rang me a month afterwards with an expectant tone, I knew exactly what she was asking for.  I took a deep breath and said…

Yes I liked it and yes I want to have a gossipy drink with the author in the corner of a dimly lit bar.  I also want to read whatever he writes next because I think he is very talented but I didn’t love it and actually never really get my head around it.  Without any kind of hope or positivity, it seemed to me to just a bit of a nasty swipe at almost character featured.  Entertaining and clever at times but a little negative for my liking.  Mmm

And that’s my 2 cents.